Day 22: “Rise”


we laid claim on the longest days,

those that promised heat,

blades of grass slipping through our fingers —

yours were shaking; mine were weak.

all we played were juvenile games

but not to us,

for neither kept our cards close to our chests

for very long.

in those months, in rays of sun,

we had no mind for rules,

’cause there’s a first time for everything,

and we had not a thing to lose.

so we let the fireworks crackle,

and we watched every sun’s final show,

and we waited for the stars to align

and for our hearts to finally be whole.

your fingers still shake laced between mine

but not from nerves — from zeal,

and the only thing weak is my knees

knowing our summer became a year.

maybe the fever will break

as the weather starts to cool,

but now even the longest days

can’t unveil my love for you.


Day 21: “Yellow”


he offered me a fever

they could be ours, he said, those radiant months

it could be our summer

and I conceived its likeness, its brightness

alone enough to make my head ache

but my heart swelled and his was gold

and I couldn’t look away


his fingers would tremble wrapped around stems

of sunflowers behind his back

we’d sit by a lake, some place unacclaimed

until moonlight rode the ripples


we would drive home before we met cold

and the traffic signs we passed would glow

I would tug at the barricade tape ’round my chest

remembering the danger in hope


maybe his warmth was a warning

he made me so happy

and that’s why I was so hesitant

Day 20: “Shades”


I always had sensitive eyes.

I could see fine and well in fractions

but too much at once

made me dizzy with color.


I entered few rooms but my own

and when I passed through the doorway

the light switch remained unflipped.


when I drove home

in the passenger seat

with the sun hanging low

the visor stayed neatly tucked

against the roof of the car.

I didn’t want to disturb the air

so I just looked down

hoping for a quick ride.


I didn’t realize

I’ve been squinting all this time

but I’m not sure I’m ready

to see.