Day 1: “Morning Solitude”


there is a void

between night and day

where white light filters through

my veiling window shade.

the soft glow

too weak to yet reach the wall

idly clambers toward my bed

as my chest rises and falls.

in these hollow minutes

as the sun crawls up the sky

my thoughts are suspended

with this meshed lot of time.

there is no waste in these moments;

no seconds lost to find —

where time evades the clock

is where my hope resides.

the first sounds of morning

surface to my ears

with birds as a chorus and

a single beak to lead.

they sing with such serenity

but I only cringe in fear

of the ticking sure to follow and

no indifference left to spare.

as the pale brightness grows

my peace does fall and break;

my eyes unwillingly widen and

my body starts to wake.

the sunlight kindles a fire

in the back of my mind and

with the first blink of my eyes

my thoughts are unconfined.

Copyright © 2015 Maddy Stillman

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