Freewrite Entry: “What a Dark Room Holds”


I find myself in a dark room and it is here that I feel most illuminated. I can close my eyes and see no difference; if anything, it’s lighter. Letters and shapes and colors shuffle themselves against the insides of my eyelids with no sense to be made of them, but I still search for their meaning – some pattern or significance.

In this dark room my mind is bright. There is nothing to be seen but what I create; and with only my thoughts, I see more than I ever could with a thousand suns glimmering down on this cluttered earth.

Sometimes my mind creates things I don’t particularly want to see. Those things tend to receive the most blinding of spotlights. It is then that I recognize the evil of thought, it is then that I value the sun, and it is then that I forget every reason I ever turned off the lights.


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