Freewrite Entry: “Void Description”


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who notices everything — all those details that most people seem to miss.

But in the midst of your hug, I don’t notice the smell of detergent on your t-shirt or where your arms are placed on my back. I could look into your eyes for hours, and as soon as I look away, I won’t remember their color. You could engrave your words into my chest and I still won’t know what you said — but I’ll sure know how I felt when you spoke.

Maybe I’m too caught up in the moment, or maybe you cloud my head, and maybe outside of you I get stuck on little things because there’s nothing else important.

But you — there’s a whole world inside of you. If I stop for every detail along the way, every shift in your movement, every flicker of your eyes, I might forget to just feel.

That’s how I know someone’s important to me. I can’t describe a moment we shared. I can only feel it.


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